Angels made of powder

Yeah, that’s right, powder!

I’ll be making posts like this whenever I come upon a really interesting band. So, the last couple of days I’ve been listening to those really nice bands while baking cookies.

All Angels Gone

All angels gone is a post-rock band from France consisting of 7 members. They are closer to A Silver Mt Zion than whatever I’ve heard before. It’s beautiful, melodic, atmospheric, depressing. Just listen.

Check them on myspace and lastfm

Powder! Go away

Funny name :D This one sounds happier than the previous but remains melodic and magnificent. I couldn’t find much info on those guys that makes it even more interesting. I discovered their myspace profile. It seems to be a 4 member band. Some music clips are on youtube.

Ana Never

Ana never is a 4 member band from Serbia. It features dark long sounds and lengthy tracks with little lyrics on the background (check streetlights). It almost feels like GY!BE.

Check them on myspace and lastfm

~ Listening – 02 Apr 2011