Misconceptions ~ Behavior and Age

As people grow older, they tend to change their behavior into something they consider more “serious” or “appropriate”. Fun is replaced to what now seems important and significant: career, jobs, taxes, social network and contacts, etc. They tend to forget what once was thought fun and why they did the things they did and dreamt. The thing is this has turned into a stereotype. You do something out of the ordinary and you get responses like

what are you, a child ?
get your act together

How false can this be?

Actions don’t depend on age

Actions depend on what your ideals are, what you believe about the world, how you feel.. Just because someone told you, you need to behave to fit in, doesn’t mean you have to conform. Why would you want to fit in anyway ? Why would you want to be like them, when you don’t feel or think like them ? You can live your own life the way you want it. All you need is to overcome the “fear” of doing what you really want. Conforming to some stereotype feels like you are “safe” and “normal” and so others will accept you. Well look at the world, it still sucks with everyone trying to do what’s imposed as normal and acceptable. So why would you want to throw away the chance of doing what you really want ?

You need a serious profile to get a job

That’s kind of true. If you look serious your employer is more likely to hire you. Just because he’s one of those brainwashed conformists who happen to think that appearance really matters. If my employer judges me by what I look like and not what I can really do then I probably don’t want to work for him and most likely I won’t like the work environment too. The employer I’d want would be smart enough to understand that people are more productive when work is fun. And that would be a job that’d keep me motivated, unlike the dullness that prevails the world.

Be yourself

Study because you like learning, work because the reward is worth it, sing when you feel like it, go swimming in the winter, wear funny clothes if you feel comfortable in those, express yourself the way you really are inside. Don’t let others influence the way you want to be. There is no such thing as ‘normal’. It’s just you and others that like different things.

Go out today, enjoy yourself.

– 17 Apr 2011